About Us

Buyukada Princess Hotel which is on Buyukada as most beautiful among Prince islands was built to the end of 1800's and it has continued to host its guests with its garish architecture up to today.

Our hotel which has got an private place in the chain of Princess hotels with its history of 100 years was established with the name of Hotel Des Etranger, it was opened again to the operation as being renovated in 1988. Buyukada Hotel Princess which is sign of traditional Turkish hospitality will host you gladly.

100The Hotel History
25Luxurious Rooms

An Exclusive Station among Buyukada Hotels

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1. A Vocation Privilege with Istanbul's View

Buyukada Princess Hotel which provides accommodation privilege with Istanbul's fascinating view presents peaceful and delighting moments as being away from the noise of city to its guests with its luxurious and renovated rooms and qualified service...

We are proud of being a single address to those who seek luxury and elegancy together with our wide and spacious rooms in our hotel with sea view as being at 2 -minutes walking distance to ferry port. We bring Buyukada hotel privilege together with our guests.

2. Meeting Point of Luxury and Comfort

We are at the service for you with our two cafes that we present our own ice cream , with our twenty five rooms which involve all beauty of the island that will enthral you with unique views.

Moreover, we are with you on your business organisations such as meeting and seminar, on your special days such as engagement, cocktail parties. You will enjoy in each detail that will make you feel private and we have prepared for you.