Büyükada Lezzetleri

Buyukada’s Tastes

Buyukada’s food culture is rich but it is come to Buyukada from Istanbul even to eat fish. The reason is that the freshest fishes have been flavored and serviced in a best way by masters who have made chieftainship at fish restaurant for years and of course, the island has got a perfect serene weather. Buyukada’s restaurants will attract you with their position on the coast once you take a step on the island.

When you come to Buyukada, definitely, you will not only meet with fish foods. When you get out the port, fast food, homemade foods, confectioners will be waiting for you around the clock on the square and in side-streets. There will be places where you will find tastes of the island such as stone-oven flat breads, kebab restaurants. It will be difficult for you to decide with rich varieties of Buyukada Foods. Tastes that you will see on the island and we suggest you to taste them are:

Büyükada Yemekleri

  • Olive-oil artichoke
  • Sardine with vine leave
  • Salted bonito
  • Fried squash
  • Fasulaki Bombalaki
  • Kipper Salad
  • Fish Salad with soy sauce
  • Fish soap
  • Roasted fish
  • Grill meat ball
  • Leek with orange
  • Olive-oil stuffed vegetables

If above Buyukada’s foods fill you, then, it is not on turning back without eating cookies with gum and Turkish delights as they become a symbol. One of most flavourous places that you can eat the island’s ice cream which become famous in all city is mio Amore Cafe which is operated by our hotel.

Historical Ice Cream of The Island

When it is asked on what is eaten in Buyukada, one of first answers will be the island’s ice cream.

As we mentioned, historical island iceman confronts us as one of stations that everybody comes on the island. Do not surprize if you see an ice cream cone nearly in hand of everyone. Many kinds of these delicious ice creams are presented in each sizes of cornet cone and with chocolate sauce – pistachio. During your trip, do not forget this taste which you will eat and you can not take yourself from eating.

Buyukada’s Donut

Donut will also go with you to your day which livens up with Buyukada’s foods. Buyukada’s donut, especially with cinnamon will enthral you with its crunchy consistence. You can bring a pocket of the island donut to your relations that you will want to eat much more as you eat.

The taste that we will eat finally on the island will be a cup of coffee as opposite to sea view. After going around the island, a delicious coffee and perfect island’s donuts that will provide you to get rest will give you to end your day happily.

Our suggestion is; do not go to the island without making a list on what is eaten in Buyukada and where is eaten. You may regret if you turn back your home without tasting most famous Buyukada flavors.